Sunday, March 27, 2016

Flowering Dogwood at Glen Magna Farms.

The flowering Dogwood tree, Cornus florida is a tree native to Eastern North America.  It has an average height and width of 15’ to 30’ and grows best in full sun to part shade.  April through May, the dogwood tree blooms beautiful white flowers.  The dogwood flowers are visited by traveling butterflies and other beneficial insects. During the fall, native birds make a meal out of the dogwoods showy red fruit.  It is theorized that the dogwood tree got its name from the old Celtic word “dag”, meaning hard or strong wood. Historically, the wood of the dogwood was perfect for making small cleaning tools.
   In 1898 the Honorable Joseph Chamberlain, member of the English Parliament and Father of Neville Chamberlain, created the Shrubbery Garden at Glen Magna Farms.  Multiple species of shrubs, trees and flowers were planted in this garden; many of them still grow in the garden to this day, one of them being the flowering Dogwood tree.
   When you visit Glen Magna Farms, make sure to pay tribute to the beautiful flowering Dogwood tree and the historic shrubbery garden that surrounds it.
The Flowering Dogwood tree (left) in full bloom. 

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